Welcome to Tuscan Travel

In the words of Brandy and Laura – Just who do we think we are, and why are we doing this?

Who We Are:


I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, very aware of and enamored with my Italian roots. When I was a teenager, my family decided to set out on an adventure and moved to Italy. My brother and I studied at the International School in Florence, and we lived in a farmhouse adjacent to beautiful olive oil and wine estate. This is when I fell in love with Tuscany, the Italian language and all that Italian culture offers. I learned to speak Italian on that journey and still do my best to maintain my fluency.  When I have the time, I occasionally teach conversational Italian classes to kids in our community. My husband and I have shared our own special relationship with Italy. From our engagement in Northern Italy, to our wedding on the shores of Lago Di Como and our many adventures throughout Italy, we have come to embrace all aspects of Italian travel. We currently live in California with our 2 children.


Though I am a native Californian, I am also very proud of my Italian heritage. I hope to travel to Southern Italy someday with my mom, to trace the origins of my family. Having visited the Tuscan region before, about three years ago I decided to take a life-changing 6-week sabbatical from my job as an attorney to return to Florence and live like a local. I brought my 2 young children on this journey, and while the kids spent their days at a local day camp mingling with Italian children, I was painting Tuscan landscapes with an art class and working on learning the language. It was the adventure of a lifetime and the moment when Tuscany truly became a part of me. My husband, Bob and I also consider Italy to be an important place for us…it is the backdrop of our engagement and our recent wedding anniversary trip.

Why We’re Doing This:

When we met and discovered that we had this shared passion, Tuscan Travel Group was born. As we continue to develop our portfolio, we are connecting with villa owners, forming new relationships that feel like old friendships, and all the while assuring us we have found our calling. We cannot wait to unveil the culture and beauty of Tuscany to you!



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