Virtually tour Italy’s streets in a Lamborghini

For this week’s installment of #TuscanTuesday, we invite you to come along on a virtual tour of the streets of Maranello, Italy, in one of Italy’s finest creations- the Lamborghini.

Let’s start with the back-story: Every year or two, Brandy and I make the trip to Tuscany in order to visit some of the properties in our portfolio, reconnect with our friends and associates in Tuscany, and make new contacts. As you can imagine, it’s one of the best parts of our job!

A couple of years ago, we decided to share the fun by including our husbands on an a week-long stay in Florence. It was October, which is the start of our favorite season in Italy. And indeed it was a fabulous trip! You can read about some of our adventures here.

On one particular day when we had long meetings planned, we encouraged Bob and Brad to find their own Italian adventure. They took this advice to heart. Before we knew what was happening, they were scheduled to make the 2-hour trip north from Florence to Maranello for a driving experience. The town of Maranello has been the location of the Ferrari factory since Enzo Ferrari established himself there in the 1940s, and also home to the Ferrari Formula One racing team. Lots of history… and lots of fast cars!

Escape the day (In a Lamborghini!)

The plan for their day was a little vague, at least to Brandy and me. We went along with the plan, not knowing what would happen. As it turned out, they weren’t on a track or even in an enclosed space. They arrived at a test-driving facility and were each given the opportunity to do a 15-minute drive in a Ferrari and another 15 minutes in a Lamborghini. There was an instructor in the car, but very little beforehand instructions. They were simply directed out onto the streets of Maranello, and told to “go fast.”

What we’d like to share with you on this #TuscanTuesday is some footage of Bob’s drive in the Lamborghini. This beautiful machine, Bob learns from the instructor, has 620 horsepower and can go from 0 to 100 kilometers/hour in 2.9 seconds. Wow!

We find this video to be fun, exhilarating, and a little humorous. You can see the language barrier and the minimal instruction in the beginning, as well as the strong encouragement from the instructor to “push!” as he physically pushes down on Bob’s knee to accelerate. This is only a short clip of their day, and we plan to share more with you down the road. But I’ll give away the ending now: Our husbands both survived and had a great time.

Here’s the video. 

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Happy viewing, and drive safe!

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