Tuscan Summer Vacation Rentals: What to do & Where to Stay!

Are you ready for your summer trip to Tuscany? Whether you are planning on cruising atop the Lucca city wall by bike or relaxing at a beautiful villa while day-tripping to experience the antiquity and beauty of Florence. Sights like The Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery, Michelangelo’s David and much, much more. are a good starting point.  If you are conversely, if you are looking for a quiet retreat to the Italian countryside in stylish villa with a pool and on-site cooking school, there plenty of options for this vacation as well. Check out Tuscan summer vacation rentals for all types of vacations in Tuscany, Italy. 

Orrido di Botri Nature Reserve

For the Adventurous Traveler:

Enjoy the warm, beautiful weather in Tuscany by visiting one of its many natural treasures. The Orrido di Botri Nature Reserve is one such treasure that is found near Lucca. However, Ponte a Gaio, where the tour begins is the only access to this beautiful area.  

Looking for more “hot spots” for the adventurous ones in your group? Try visiting one of the seven best spa towns in Tuscany! We broke down the seven best towns to visit and what villas to stay in while you’re visiting. Many of these locations offer high altitudes and the mountains offer beautiful vistas of the countryside. This is a great way to scratch the itch of adventure while visiting some of the best places to relax and heal.

For the Relaxed Traveler:

Just because you don’t jump at the first mention of adventure, doesn’t mean there aren’t a plethora of options for you as well… after all, you are in Italy.  One of our favorite spots for the traveler who enjoys a relaxing vacation is the beaches at Giglio Island. Spend time enjoying the beach and then watch the sunset on the other side of this beautiful island. Learn more about Tuscany beach locations and villas to stay in here!San Giglio

Another favorite relaxed Tuscany summer vacation includes renting a villa, farmhouse, or private estate located in the countryside of Tuscany where the hills are never-ending and simply magnificent. By choosing a villa in which to spend your Tuscan vacation, you can swim in the on-site pool, eat and learn to cook authentic Italian-Tuscan dishes. You can also play in vineyards, take in the gardens, and enjoy total luxury with a beautiful room. Don’t forget to take a stroll or bike ride on the old country roads. Find yourself along a street lined with the famous cypress trees.

These Tuscan summer vacation rentals check all the boxes of an Italian countryside vacay:

Casa AzurraCasa Azzurra of Chianciano Terme in Southern Tuscany

Casa Carina of Chianciano Terme in Southern Tuscany

Casa del Sole in Cortona, Southern Tuscany

Casa di Viti Rossi in Chianciano Terme, Southern Tuscany

Vacation Rentals for Every Traveler

No matter your travel style, size of your party or idea of the perfect getaway, there is a beautiful villa, apartment or vacation home for you.

Below are some of our client’s favorite Tuscan summer vacation rentals and what they have to say about it.

Casa Storica in Monteriggioni, close to Siena

This magnificent historic estate provides charm, lovely views and gorgeous grounds. There is an eat-in kitchen, comfortable living area, vaulted ceilings, two pools, a bocce ball court, and winery. Guests are also invited to use the produce from the gardens.  

Testimonial: “We have now returned… back into reality indeed but have made some incredible memories these past 3 weeks. (thanks to you!) Casa Storica was more than what we had hoped and expected. So much more!”



Casa di Lusso in Barberino Val d’Elsa, close to SienaCassi De Lusso


Enjoy the feel of a small Tuscan villa with the luxurious qualities of a high-end resort. This farmhouse offers many spots to enjoy completely alone as well as gathering spaces adequate for families to BBQ. There is a swimming pool, cooking classes available and private chefs for any special occasion. Additionally, each unit offers a private terrace for those looking to be left alone.

Testimonial: “Casa di Lusso was the ideal location, being almost equidistant between Florence and Siena, which are both within a 40-minute drive. We did day trips to a number of the small, medieval towns, such as San Gimignano to explore, shop, and dine. The best part after all our adventures was to head back to Casa di Lusso to sit poolside, watch the kids be kids and relax in the summer sun with a glass or rose in hand.”


Casa del Cortile in Chianciano Terme, Southern Tuscany


This villa offers a private pool, terraces, gardens and antiques and artwork throughout helping it blend effortlessly with the surrounding countryside. 

Testimonial: “Our family held a reunion this past summer at the delightful Casa del Cortile estate in Tuscany, Italy, which consists of a cluster of small apartments around a pleasant courtyard. Each family had the privacy of their own space, yet the intimacy offered by being just steps away from one another.


Casa di Loggia in Monticiano, Southern TuscanyLoggia


Casa di Loggia is also a sought after rustic chic wedding venue for romantic wedding celebrations and receptions.  At only seven kilometers away, civil ceremonies take place at the roofless and stunning Abbey of San Galgano while religious ceremonies can take place inside the adjacent, unique hilltop Chapel of Montesiepi with its unique ‘Sword in the rock’.

Testimonial: “The kids LOVED making the fresh pasta and bruschetta, then were so proud when we all sat down to eat. We also really enjoyed hanging out in the local town of Monticiano. We ate at the restaurant right down the hill several times – very casual and friendly, great for groups of kids. Most evenings we ended up in town for gelato after dinner. We all got a kick out of sitting in the square with our gelato, watching the locals talk, laugh, smoke, ride bikes and play soccer. Definitely a trip to remember. Thanks for everything!”

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