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Transportation in Tuscany: Rental Car, Train, Bus, Bike & More

Tuscan Transportation

tuscan travel

Ahh Tuscany! The sights, the adventures and the romance. No matter the reason for your visit, there is something all Tuscan travelers have in common, the need for transportation. How you choose transportation in Tuscany has the potential to make or break your trip. Bad transportation and miscommunicated train and bus schedules can make the vacation of a lifetime more of a flop than a relaxing getaway.  

Let’s talk about some of the best Tuscan transportation modes and how and what you can choose to make your stay in our beautiful countryside, a memory you will treasure for a lifetime.

Travel By Public Transportation

By Train:

Traveling by train is the option many travelers prefer. There are three different main lines and they take you from Roma to Parma and back with many stops along the way. Traveling by train is a good way to get a lot of sight-seeing all over the Tuscan province done, especially if seeking out the more well-known tourist destinations.

Train travel has its challenges as well. You have to remember to validate your ticket the moment you get on the train. Tickets are good for all trains, and all times. Be sure to stamp your ticket or you may end up losing a few bucks if the price increases before you choose to ride again. Additionally, ticket controllers often patrol and fine those without stamps. Keep your extra money for more memories and souvenirs instead of spending it on un-stamped train or bus tickets. 

Also, keep in mind that pickpockets do have a thing for tourists. Keep your wallet in your front pockets. There will be times when people are all crowded so close a pick-pocket could slip in and out with absolutely no detection. 

By Bus:

Another very popular mode of travel for locals and tourists alike is bus. Buses tend to all connect through Florence but make stops all throughout Tuscany. Buses are the same as trains in the fact that tickets must be stamped, pickpockets abound and you need to be aware of schedules and routes beforehand. 

Travel By Private Transportation

By Rental Car:

Tuscany TransportationTravelling By Rental Car is another option for those who prefer to be more independent. Keep in mind when renting a car in Tuscany there are many windy country roads that are not familiar to you. Green and blue signs designate 1 and 2 lane roads. Green is 1, blue is 2; and all roads are toll roads  – meaning you must pay a fee for their upkeep.  Also, keep in mind that service stations in Italy never close. They are self-serve when no one is there to assist. 

Another helpful hint when travelling by car that there are emergency telephones every few feet to allow you to reach out for assistance and if you should happen to break down while on the road. Keep in mind that you must don your safety vest and set out for the nearest telephone to call for help. Private towing is not allowed, so you must contact the emergency services team for assistance. 

By Bike, Helicopter Yacht or other private vehicles:

Travel TuscanyIf you are looking for even more options, travel by bike, yacht and even helicopter are available. Helicopter tours take you through the wine country with stops along the way. 

Bike tours are another option that can have you getting your workout on the hills and valleys of the Tuscan countryside or enjoying the scenic views on your “trip to the market.”

Yachting is also a popular type of transportation for the sea-farer and private yacht tours are available to those who are looking for another unique opportunity. 


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