Summer raves and reviews of our Tuscan villas

Summer Raves and Reviews of Our Tuscan Villas

Summer is high season for travel in Tuscany and we were fortunate and grateful to hear back from three of our clients with words of joy and fun in the stories they shared with us upon their return. They stayed in one of our favortite towns, Impruneta at Casa dell’Arte. They filled an entire villa with friends and family in Monticiano at Casa di Loggia and another couple stayed in one of our new apartments, Casa dei Fossi, in downtown Florence with their two children.

Hopefully these three testimonials of our Tuscan villas will excite and entice you into booking your family adventure in Tuscany next summer!

Casa dell'Arte, one of our Tuscan villas

Casa dell’Arte:

“Trip was fantastic. The entire family had a terrific time visiting Italy. Weather was incredibly hot, but was manageable by sightseeing in the morning and relaxing in the afternoon. The villa was gorgeous and the owners were fantastic hosts. The cooking class was outstanding and was enjoyed by those that attended.

The villa was very comfortable (although very warm) and accommodated us well. The pool was a key and was enjoyed for many hours by most of us. We used your guide to help us decide the towns to visit and although my parents had a tough time climbing all the hills and streets in the towns, we were able to work through it. We drove up from Rome on the first Saturday and made a couple of stops along the way in some beautiful towns. One of the owners of Casa dell’Arte met us in Impruneta and gave us the local info. We ended up having one of our dinners at a restaurant she recommended and we had an awesome seat on a balcony overlooking the square. Florence was great with lots to see and certainly convenient from the villa. Some of us spent an afternoon in Forte dei Marmi on a day trip to Pisa – nice change of pace that was enjoyed by all. One of the highlights was the full service meal at the villa – the butler was great and the food was spectacular. My dad (whose 80th we were celebrating) was really happy to have the family together and this meal was particularly special. Also, the breakfast on the first Sunday was a great idea – and was delicious too!

Overall, the trip was absolutely fantastic – we would love to go back at some point and spend more time eating, drinking, sightseeing, and laughing in Tuscany. It is hard not to be impressed with the intoxicating beauty of the countryside and the villages. The people we met along the way were all really nice and, of course, the food was awesome.

Thanks again for your help as we planned and executed our trip – your insights and suggestions were invaluable and we all look forward to going back again!”

– Chris from Ontario, Canada, stayed at Casa dell’Arte during the summer of 2017

Casa di Loggia, one of our Tuscan villas

Casa di Loggia:

“Such a fantastic vacation! Thank you for all you did in helping to plan and organize our trip to Tuscany. Everything went incredibly smoothly! The villa was spacious and beautiful, the people friendly, food & wine fabulous, and all of our outings went as planned.  Diana, the owner, and her assistant were easily accessible and very responsive to our requests for recommendations, assistance and reservations.  They helped us plan dinners out in neighboring towns, recommended local hikes, tracked down a lost camera, and assisted my husband with mapping out bike rides.

The pizza nights at the villa were wonderful.  We loved our pizza dinner so much the first time that we did it again – once with each group of visiting friends. The table set at the villa was gorgeous, the server efficient and the pizzas delicious!  Another highlight was the cooking class, hosted right at the villa. They accommodated our large group of 18 and the head chef was fantastic with all of us – particularly the kids. The kids LOVED making the fresh pasta and bruschetta, then were so proud when we all sat down to eat.  We also really enjoyed hanging out in the local town of Monticiano.  We ate at the restaurant right down the hill several times – very casual and friendly, great for groups of kids.  Most evenings we ended up in town for gelato after dinner.  We all got a kick out of sitting in the square with our gelato, watching the locals talk, laugh, smoke, ride bikes and play soccer.

Definitely a trip to remember.  Thanks for everything!”

   – Nancy from Woodside, California, stayed at Casa di Loggia during the summer of 2017

Casa dei Fossi, one of our Tuscan villas

Casa dei Fossi:

“Florence was perfect. The apartment was in a great location and so comfortable “Florence was perfect. The apartment was in a great location and so comfortable for our family of four. We loved the restaurant you suggested, Buca Mario, and had gelato three times a day! Our guide in Florence was awesome, knowledgeable and so engaging. We didn’t want it to end! Our transportation service was perfect. We stopped in Greve and went wine tasting on the way to Siena. In Siena, we had an amazing lunch, probably one of our best in Italy, at Taverna San Giuseppe. We made a quick stop only, but really loved San Gimignano. While waiting for us, our driver, Massimo, called ahead and booked a tasting at Saint Appiano winery, which was amazing. We are definitely going back, we absolutely loved it.Thank you so much for all of your help. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

– Karli from Menlo Park, California, stayed at Casa dei Fossi during Summer 2017

A special thank you to our guests for taking the time to tell us about their trips. We really appreciate the feedback and love being part of their experiences…too bad Laura and I we were thousands of miles away while they were there!

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