Secrets of the Uffizi

On this #TuscanTuesday, we are back together with our favorite tour guide telling secrets of the Uffizi and Cosimo Medici I! We miss you, Freya, but since we cannot physically be in Italy right now and sadly, likely not for some time to come, we are going to continue bringing Italy to you.

Freya shares some interesting and rather intriguing background information on Cosimo Medici I’s home palace. The Uffizi was originally the administrative facilities and linked it to his personal palace so he could keep tabs on everything in his work and personal life. Somewhat similar to how we are now where most of us are working from our homes during Covid…maybe he was on to something very early on.

Enjoy being transported to the beauty and history that draws us to Italy in more normal times and will again…we promise, and if you missed our other educational tours from Freya, you can find our blogs here:


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