Maranello, Italy…Home of the Ferrari

Maranello, Italy is home to Ferrari and the Formula One Racing Team, Scuderia Ferrari. Ferrari has had it’s factory in Maranello since the 1940s. Enzo Anselmo Guiseppe Maria Ferrari began his life as a carpenter, but always had a fondness and passion for cars and racing. He moved on to a small company as a test driver where ultimately his love of fast cars came to life as he started racing for Alfa Romeo in 1920. It was not until 1939 that his first car design and development began while still with Alfa Romeo. Given that Alfa Romeo was not too keen on the idea of Enzo Ferrari building and designing cars on their time and in their space, Alfa Romeo got rid of Enzo and banned him from race car production, so Enzo moved on to share work space with a machine tool business, Auto Avio Costruzioni and brought his vision and dreams to life. His first car came through production in 1940. Ultimately, the car manufacturer was not recognized as Ferrari until 1947 when the first Ferrari-emblemmed vehicle was completed. Meraviglioso!

Maranello is still the home of Ferrari, having survived a multitude of ownership and partnership changes over the years from Fiat to Fiat Crysler and thankfully, back to its own entity. Currently, Ferrari is a publicly traded company under the ticker RACE, but has maintained its indepedent status since January 30, 2016. Maranello also has a Ferrari Musuem where Ferraris of new and old are displayed and exhibits carry you back in time and forward to the future of the brand. While that might be enough for some, my preference would be to get behind the wheel of one of these masterpieces. If we’re on the same page, enjoy watching this video of our fellow Ferrari enthusiast manuever the 458 Spider through the main and side streets of Maranello. Stai Attento (Be Careful)…this video may have you seeing (Ferrari) red!

brandy stoh

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