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In this week’s entry of #TuscanTuesday, we are thrilled to announce our Italian recipe contest. Watch the announcement and interview with our esteemed judge here.

Some of us love to cook, and most of us love to eat… especially Italian food. We plan to feature some amazing Italian recipes through the upcoming months. But we will start here, with a recipe contest judged by our friend and talented chef and restaurateur, Antonella.

Antonella hails from Rome, and has been running her personal chef business, Eating In Style for about 15 years. Then a few years ago she pursued her lifelong dream of opening a restaurant, which she runs with her son. La Pizzeria in Campbell is where you’ll find some of the best authentic Italian food in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Brandy and I met Antonella eight years ago when we first launched Tuscan Travel Group, because she was our Italian language teacher. We became fast friends and have been working with her since to cater parties and run cooking classes for friends and clients. Read about our most recent cooking class here.

Although she’s quite busy, Antonella has generously agreed to act as celebrity judge for our recipe contest. Here’s where you come in:

The Contest:

Do you have a favorite Italian recipe? Whether you have a special recipe that has been passed down from your Italian grandma, or you have a go-to favorite you make for your family at home, or you want to try something new- Enter our contest! Antonella will choose the winning recipe based on originality, authenticity and overall deliciousness.

Please be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Name of your dish
  • List of ingredients
  • Instructions
  • Prep time
  • Cook time
  • Number of servings

Though this is not required, extra points will be awarded for including photos and the back-story of your recipe!

The winner will have his/her recipe posted on our website and made on the air by Antonella in her home kitchen.

Please submit entries via email to

Happy cooking!

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