International Women’s Day Through the Years

As our most dedicated readers may recall, March 8th is a day that we like to celebrate here at Tuscan Travel Group. It is International Women’s Day in many parts of the world, a holiday that often flies below the radar in the U.S. But in Italy, known as “Festa della Donna,” it enjoys a bit more attention. Brandy and I have enjoyed celebrating Festa della Donna over the years since we founded our company.

Festa Della Donna – A Celebration of Women

festa della donna

The first time we wrote about this special day was in March of 2014, early in our company’s history. We were celebrating our second Festa della Donna together with our beloved Italian language teacher, Antonella. We were also reminiscing about our first Festa della Donna together the year before, when we happened to be on our first villa-scouting trip in Tuscany. That was when we learned about the beauty of some of the traditions of this day, including sharing mimosa flowers with the important women in your life. Read that post here.

Honoring Women and Florentine Art

Apparently we were slacking in 2015, because the next time we wrote about Festa della Donna was on March 8, 2016. I had been researching the incredible work of Jane Fortune, known in Florence as “Indiana Jane” for her ability to find lost treasures of female Renaissance artists. Reading about Ms. Fortune’s work led me to look into some fascinating chapters in Florence’s history. If you want to know who the Mud Angels and Flood Ladies were, you’ll have to read the post. Sadly, the art world lost Jane Fortune last year, but her legacy lives on in her Advancing Women Artists Foundation.

The Renaissance Women

Plautilla Nelli one of the renaissance women

The following year, in March of 2017, I wrote our next article about Festa della Donna right on the heels of a wonderful trip to Florence with my mom. In addition to exploring new properties and enjoying general mom-daughter bonding time, we took in an exhibit at the Uffizi Gallery featuring the work of the incomparable Plautilla Nelli. Nelli is widely considered to be the most important female artist of the Renaissance. Kudos to the Uffizi for showcasing her work on International Women’s Day, with all women admitted to the museum at no charge. Read the post here.

Up Close With Casa dell’Arte

Up Close With Casa dell'Arte - Tuscany Villa and Cooking School

And finally, last March we decided it was time to honor the women of modern-day Italy. We interviewed the daughter half of a mother-daughter team who own and operate a gorgeous villa (Casa dell’Arte) and cooking school in the hills outside of Florence. It was fun learning about the history of the villa and the abundance of creative talent that runs in their family. Read the post here.


Now we are on the brink of yet another International Women’s Day. As the years fly by, it’s hard to believe Tuscan Travel Group has been at it for this long. It has been and continues to be an incredible journey. Thank you for letting us share it with you.

Buona Festa della Donna!

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