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How We Work

Tuscan Travel Group | How We Work

Design Your Tuscan Experience

We help you create unique, perfectly tailored and memorable vacations with your loved ones in Tuscany, Italy.

The facet of our business that we take the greatest pride in is the human connection with each and every one of our clients. The company was first imagined as we navigated unsuccessfully around numerous websites promising the ideal vacation villas from a drop down menu where we plug in how many bedrooms, bathrooms and how much we wanted to spend. The experience was already impersonal and we were going to trust these algorithmic menus to help us build the most personal of experiences…memorable vacations with our loved ones. We sought to create something different and succeeded. 

Clients reach out to us typically through our website by filling out our contact form. On that contact form, our potential client will provide us with their desires and needs. Typically these include some broad requests such as type of accommodation, travel dates, number of guests, ideal location and cost, to the more specific requests like the necessity to be walking distance to town, must have a pool, etc. Once we receive their request, we contact them within 24 hours with a follow-up to see if we can acquire additional information or if they would like us to move forward with sending them some specific properties that meet their needs. From there, we narrow down the search together and check availability for the property given their travel dates. Once we have confirmed their accommodations, the true fun begins…together we start to plan their vacation itinerary. Over the following months, we create a day-by-day plan for their trip.

Depending on the service level our clients choose, they allow us to be involved as much or a little as they desire. We offer three levels of service. Our Included level is fairly hands off, our client simply wants to book a villa through us and would like to do all their own planning. Gold level is offered to those who would like us to handle the rental of their accommodations as well as supply them with a curated list of all our favorite activities, restaurants and not-to-miss experiences in the area of their villa. The final and all-inclusive option is our Platinum level. With this option, Tuscan Travel Group does it all. We secure the villa or apartment rental, design an itinerary for our clients and all their guests and make/confirm all the reservations. The Platinum level is our most popular and utilized service experience.

Tuscan Travel Group representatives stay in constant contact with our clients. Given that planning begins so far in advance of the actual travel, we send reminders to our clients throughout the process regarding their deposits and final payments, payments due for upcoming reservations and confirmations for all their experiences. Our desire is to free the client from any stress or anxiety that may come from planning an International trip for a small or large group.

We are accessible to our client throughout their planning period. Once our clients are in Italy and enjoying their time with family and friends, Tuscan Travel Group is still accessible, but our villa and apartment owners have more direct and immediate contact with our clients at that point, should any needs arise while our clients are traveling. 

We are free to talk through how we work with anyone, so please feel free to reach out.

Learn more about how we work by visiting our FAQ page, located here.

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