Family Trip Sample Itinerary (7 days)

Day 1- Arrive, settle into your villa

Day 2 – Day trip to Florence

  • After you’ve done your best to get onto the Italian clock, stroll into town for a cappuccino and some pastries for the family…Italy’s version of breakfast.
  • Visit Galileo Museum for kids. This is a hands-on museum that allows the kids to touch, try and test a number of Galileo’s inventions. Fun for parents as well.
  • Walking distance from the Galileo museum is the famous Duomo. As beautiful as it is inside, truthfully, the kids really want to go up into the dome more than walk through the Duomo.
  • About three blocks from the Duomo, is one of our favorite pizza restaurants.
  • Stroll from lunch to the Ponte Vecchio through the side streets filled with small markets and lovely boutiques.
  • Grab an afternoon gelato, before you head back to your villa for the evening.
  • This is a great night to have a dinner prepared and waiting for you when you return from a day walking around Florence.

Day 3 – This is usually a perfect day to wake up leisurely and plan a day at the villa and a visit around town

  • Make a nice breakfast, dining al fresco.
  • Break out the bathing suits and spend a perfect lazy day at your villa poolside.
  • If you get antsy, walk or ride your rented bicycles into town and grab lunch.
  • It is also fun to stop by the traditional grocery store and bring some snacks, goodies and maybe a bottle of Rose back for the late afternoon downtime.
  • The fun begins for all with a pizza-making class. Most villas have their own wood-burning ovens and the owners love to share the tricks of the tradition.

Day 4 – Day trip to Lucca/Pisa

  • Lucca has the perfect elevated biking path that allows you to see the entire town from the bird’s eye perspective and the kids love this ride.
  • Grab some lunch at one of the quaint restaurants in town.
  • Hop into the car and head to Pisa (about 25 minutes) to see The Leaning Tower of Pisa. This is always a favorite for children.
  • This is a long day, so might be nice to have dinner waiting for you with the villa chef when you return.

Day 5 – Half Day Trip (Hot air ballooning/gelato-making)

  • Hot air balloon trip. This is the most spectacular way to see the Tuscan Countryside. This is an early, early morning.
  • Head back to the villa after waking the day in a beautiful hot air balloon for a fun gelato-making class and yes, you will get to enjoy the fruits of your labor fully when you are done.
  • This is the ideal night to make a home-cooked meal with fresh pasta and homemade sauce and of course a nice bottle of Chianti or Brunello.

Day 6 – Day trip to San Gimignano/Panzano/Greve

  • San Gimignano is famous for its lovely bell tower within this ancient walled city and the best part if they let you actually climb the tower.
  • Visit the Mad Butcher of Panzano to get a taste of not only some fantastic meats, cheeses and chianti, but a taste of Dario, The Mad Butcher. It is an experience in itself.
  • Dario also runs a restaurant in Panzano where you might want to spend a leisurely lunch or dinner.
  • If time permits, head to Greve (15-minute drive). You won’t be disappointed with a stroll through its central piazza. We can recommend our favorite restaurants for dinner before a pleasant drive back for respite at the villa before the next day’s departure.

Day 7 – Depart. Sadly, it’s time to leave your adventure and head for home.


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