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Dining All’Aperto Along the Arno in Florence

Firenze hosts 14 million tourists a year and is familiar with its streets filled with people, tourists and locals alike. Our Florentine friends, Karin and Valeriano (owners of two of our favorite portfolio properties, Appartamento dell’Arno and Casa Niccolo), sent us a video while dining all’aperto along the Arno in Florence. They enjoyed their outdoor lunch date at Cafe dell’Oro, which is situated just steps from the famous and usually over-crowded Ponte Vecchio. Laura and I watched this video of our dear friends over and over and honestly, had very mixed emotions. Interestingly enough, I felt a peace run through me that the town has had time to breathe and relax, but also saddened by the eerie quiet of what is usually bustling with the echo of motor bikes rushing by, friends walking arm in arm, lovers stealing a kiss in such a romantic spot and life simply being normal.

To liven our spirits and yours, we thought it would be fun to dig into our blog vault and reminisce over some of our favorite restaurant, recipe and authentic dish write-ups. While most of us must continue our love affair with Italy from afar, we can at least feel Firenze through our hearts, memories and taste buds here and now, until a time comes when we are able to enjoy dining all’aperto along the Arno in Florence. We long for our next chance to savor the fresh homemade pastas, the paper thin crispy pizzas and the world’s best wines from the Tuscan region.

Here are a few of our favorite blogs…Godere (Enjoy)!:

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Buon Appetito e Saluti!

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