A Hearty Round of Applause: Per l’Italia

Its hard to imagine the streets of Italy absent of people, quiet and barren. If someone were to visit Italy today they might assume it to be part of an apocalyptic novel. However, despite the feelings and appearance of emptiness, people are banding together in numerous displays of solidarity. Italy has proclaimed to the world, “Hope is not lost.”

Over the past few weeks, Italy has been in a state of emergency. The Coronavirus, aka. Covid-19 has taken hold on the country that is usually alive and bustling with an undeniable sense of community through neighbors, friends, family and even tourists. Instead of focusing on the tragedy that has hit this country, the citizens are cheering healthcare workers, singing from their balconies and showing the hope they have for their country.  These shows of solidarity have spread throughout the world as residents in Germany, France, Dallas, Texas and even Israel joined in songs and cheers for their own healthcare workers.

How can you show your support? Go Fund Me Campaigns are popping up from multiple sources to help fight the Coronavirus in Italy and assist their hospitals and staff. While Italy isn’t out of the thick of it, we have faith they are making steps necessary to control the issue from the ground up.  We know this time is hard financially and physically on everyone.  If you don’t feel that you have any excess to donate, there are other things you can do to honor this brave, strong country in their time of need.

Here is a short list of ideas we have to help you show your support of Italy at this time:

UffiziVirtual Tours

Virtual tours are a great way to educate yourself and your family on all things Italy. Museums throughout the world are offering virtual tours of their spaces. This allows kids in quarantine an educational experience unlike anything before seen.  There are at least 7 galleries or museums in Italy offering this unique experience. For the full list of virtual tours to take in Italy, visit Virtual Tours.

Online Classes/Shows:

There are other things you can do to show your support of Italian culture and cuisine. Multiple online cooking channels we have discovered to teach you how to cook like an Italian. There are also a number of great cooking shows on both the Cooking Channel and The Food Network that specialize in Italian cooking. My favorite being Giada at Home with Giada DeLaurentis…buonissimo.



Additionally, we know Italy appeals to the inner artist in all of us, whether it is painting, singing or dancing. If painting like the great Italians is your adventure style, we have an art expert that can guide you step by step through a beautiful landscape painting.

If you still feel you aren’t doing enough in honor of the Italians. Learn the language, so that the next time you visit Italy you will be able to speak fluently and get an authentic Italian experience.Tuscany

Whether or not you can or choose to help financially, consider doing something to honor and support the Italy you one day hope to visit. Paint an Italian villa, cook a delicious Italian meal, or learn to speak the language. Whatever you do, spread the word. Italy can use all the little acts of love we can give.

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