A Beach in Florence?

Last summer, we posted an article about ways to escape the Florence heat. As temperatures heat up in Tuscany, it’s worth another read- here. Our advice remains the same. If you play your cards right by following the suggestions in that article, and stop at least once a day for gelato, you’re sure to have an incredible summer adventure in Florence.

One update we’re excited about is the re-opening of the “Arno Beach.” While the river is not a place for swimming, locals have figured out that it’s the perfect place to relax, mingle, catch a breeze in a beach chair and enjoy great food and drinks. The venue, called Easy Living, has become one of the top warm-weather meetup spots in the city. The opening party (with DJ) was last weekend, and now the terrace restaurant is officially open, with new chefs Matteo Boglione and Alexandro Sala.


They also occasionally offer outdoor sports and other organized activities, like this yoga class. Such a cool idea for a hot city.